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Paws With A Cause





Many people who have disabilities, will need help running
life smoothly. Fortunately, there is a organization
called… Paws with Cause! Paws With Cause, trains dogs
to be a personal assistant for people with disabilities. For
example, a person in a wheelchair might drop something,
and might not be able to pick it up. Their Paws with
Cause dog will pick it up for them. You might be
wondering how the dogs are trained, and when they are
First,the owner of the dog will try to train their dog. Then
they will take the dog to the Paws with Cause
Organization, and basically donate the dog. Then a Paws
With Cause trainer will train the dog according to who
they are going to help out. For example, if the dog is
going to help out a deaf person, the trainer will try to
teach the dog to understand sign language! Also, you
might be wondering when the dogs start to get trained.
They start to get trained when they are tiny babies. So if
you have a disability, don’t worry, go to Paws with
Cause! By: Smriti S.


IMG_1088Students had an assembly this week called “Paws With A Cause”. This organization trains and pairs service dogs with disabled people. It is a wonderful organization which helps people with disabilites become more independent with the help of a service dog.
Here is an article by one of our students about this experience.


Read-In This Friday – Celebrate March Is Reading Month!


Hi Everybody!

Let’s celebrate our love of reading this Friday, March 14th.  Bring your favorite books to read, a blanket or stuffed animal and let’s enjoy “reading the day away”!  Students may wear their “comfy clothes” sweatpants or pajamas, whichever they prefer.  We look forward to losing ourselves in books and opening the door to another adventure!


Fun Fraction Videos to Demystify Improper Fractions And Mixed Numerals


Hi Fourth Graders!

As I was talking to some of you during math yesterday, it seemed like you could use a little help with your homework this weekend.  I hope these videos clarify the concepts we have been talking about.  Don’t worry if this is still confusing, we will work it out next time we see each other!  Don’t forget to check out i-tools in your Think Central account.  This is a really valuable tool!


(Converting Mixed Fractions to Improper Fractions)

Mixed Numerals and Improper Fractions