Hi Fourth Graders!

Today you willl be reading about the French in Michigan.  Please explore the French in Michigan by visiting:


Read the article:  “Bonjour!  The French Settle Michigan”

When you are done reading, please keep track of a sentence, phrase, and a word that seems to speak to the learning that you have done today.  Make sure that you do not repeat!  Type your response in our blog.  Then go and read what your classmates’ thinking is all about.  Respond to one of your classmates.  Please do not respond on the writing but on the thinking.  Do you agree, disagree or want to add on to what someone else says.  Remember, always include evidence from the text!

Have fun!


Mrs. Tovey


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    WORD: Bonjour
    PHRASE: Bonjour! The French Settle
    SENTENCE: The French found Michigan attractive because of the many fur-bearing animals living here.

  2. Sentence: Brule and early Frenchmen explored the great lakes looking for a shortcut to China.I chose this sentence because you should know how the French got here.
    Phrase:The French found Michigan attractive I did this because if they didn’t they would not of stayed in Michigan.
    Word:Europe because France is in Europe and that is where the French Trader’s came from.

    I did the word bonjour because the settlers were french and bonjour is a french word.
    I did the phrase Bonjour! The French Settle because bonjour is a french word and it is true, the french did settle in Michigan.
    I did the sentence The French found Michigan attractive because of the many fur-bearing animals living here because in France things like beaver-skinned hats you could make a lot of money off of.

  4. Sentence:Native Americans introduced the French to the birch-bark canoe.I chose that because I didn’t know that they were such close friends.Phrase:French king for permission.I chose that because they did everything with asking the king.

  5. Sentence:Frenchmen married Native American women and had families!I chose this sentence because I used to think that Frenchmen and Native American women did not get married, but now I know that they do get married.

    • Phrase: First European to visit Lake Superior. I chose this phrase because we are reading about the French or European and it tells us that an European was the first one to visit Lake Superior.
      Word: Bonjour. I chose Bonjour because it is part of the French language and they use it to say hello and it is a way of greeting each other.

  6. Sanya My sentence is:The French Settle Michigan.Why I chose that sentence is because it tells what the article is about so it helps.My phrase is:because the wolverines was thought to be a mean animal.Why I chose that phrase is because I thought it was pretty mean to say that wolverines were mean.My word is:fossilized because that is a new word to me and I learned what it means now.

  7. Andrew: For my Sentence from the fur traders article in a Sentence, Phrase, Word, my sentence will be, ” they killed the animals and traded the furs to the French for guns, knives, hatchets, cloth blankets, iron cooking pots, and liquor.” I think this is an important sentence because it shows that the French obviously had better and more efficient things to use than the Native Americans, like using guns to hunt instead of making a bow and arrows that take a lot of time to do. Since French/Europeans were very fashionable and the place where Native Americans and French people lived had lots of animal fur and especially beaver fur, Europeans demanded the French to kill animals and beaver because it could make men’s broad brimmed hats, but then Native Americans started to help the French kill beavers for the skin because the Native Americans wanted to trade the beaver fur for all the riches the French had, like guns, cooking pots, and all those other things.For my phrase, I would do ” men’s broad-brimmed hats” an I chose this phrase because that is one of the main reasons why the Europeans wanted the beaver skin, for mostly, “the men’s broad-brimmed hats. So the French started killing beavers and taking the fur for those hats. Lastly, my word would be “trade” because there was a lot of trading going on when Native Americans started killing beavers for the skin because they wanted to “trade” that fur for the French’s guns, iron cooking pots, cloth blankets, liquor, knives, and hatchets.

      • Andrew: In “take a lot of time to do,” I mean that it took a lot of time to make the bow and all the arrows for hunting where for a gun, you didn’t really have to spend so much time making arrows when you can basically just use bullets, which was a lot easier to use.

  8. For my sentence of fur traders sentence,phrase,word I did Native Americans eagerly participated the fur trade with Frenchmen b.I chose this because it obviously shows that Native people are interested in the items the French give them,so they trade them with furs.My phrase is Europeans explored,and settled in North America.This shows that europeans liked the country’s land.MY word is fashion I because why did the the french want furs?For fashion!The word shows that France is a country that loves fashion!

  9. Sentence:Native Americans eagerly participated in the fur trade with Frenchmen.My evidence is that in the text,it says that Native people traded the French furs for guns,hatchets,cloth,iron pots,and other useful things.
    Phrase:Europeans explored,and settled North America

  10. I agree with Naisha, Frenchmen married Native American women. I thought at first that they wouldn’t marry because they were from different places.

  11. Word: Missionary
    Phrase: The British won
    Sentence: Some French men married Native Americans woman.
    I chose the word missionary because I learned that it can be difficult and dangerous.
    I chose that phrase because I learned that France and Great Britain fought four wars.
    I chose the sentences because I thought it was kind of interesting because they are so different.

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