Please read the following article about The Three Fires.

The Three Fires

Next, think about the Native Americans from these tribes in terms of our Compass Points routine.

Write about:

N- What needs did these Native Americans have?

E- What excited them?

S- What stance might they take?  What successes did they have?

W- What worries did the Three Fires have?

Please write your response on our blogging page.  We are interested to see what everyone is thinking!


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  1. N:I know the Native Americans needed fire shelter meat and vegetables.
    E:What excited the Native Americans were their own holidays, and the gathering season.
    S:They were successful in using every part of their resources, for example, they used animal tendons for ropes.
    W: When white men came, the Native Americans were worried that their culture would die out.

    • They also need water, wood and clothes. Their holidays included celebrating god, and many others. They now have reserved areas only for them.

  2. N- The native Americans needs were food, water, clothing, and shelter. They would need clean water in order to survive too.

    E- The native Americans were excited when there was more food. They were also excited to get more supply.

    S- They’re beliefs were 1. Spirits were more powerful than people. 2. Nature- the land, animals, and plants belongs to everyone. 3. No one had the right to run another person’s life.

    W- The three fires worried about there land and animals. They also worried about each other. They worried about what they hunted.

  3. The three fires are very useful people. they are skilled hunters,farmers,and traders.There only fear was to make the gods angry or to be killed by there prey. The men’s jobs are to hunt,set traps,and to make hunting tools. The women’s jobs are to tan animal skins, weave fishnets, chop wood and grow crops.

  4. Compass points.
    I think the Native Americans need sapling trees to build wigwams.
    I think they get excited when it’s dinner time.
    I think the successes they had is when they completed a long house or when they killed a caribou.
    I think that they would worried them is if they’re is a bear in the camp.

  5. I think their needs were food (meat, fruits, and vegetables), shelter, clothes, good farming soil, and good hunting grounds.
    I think what exited them was when they celebrated holidays and had parties when they accomplished something like surviving when they were in a dangerous event.
    I think the successes they had were being able to survive these really cold winters, having luck growing crops, and being good at hunting. I also think one of their best successes was being able to build so many things by hand like canoes, houses, and more!
    I think they were worried when there was bad weather, there was fighting, when there was bad weather for growing crops, and when there were not a lot of animals to hunt.

  6. N- The 3 tribes needed food for the tribe. They also need shelter to live.
    E-The tribes are excited when they celebrate their traditions.
    S-They succeeded in hunting.
    W-They worried about the weather. If the weather was to cold some Native Americans could die.

  7. There needs they had beans and lot of other things they would also hunt down animals to get food.
    what excited them was that they can at last they get some food to eat.they had success in finding food and killing and getting food by killing scary things.They might have worried that if everyone was lonely because they had split to 3 places.

  8. The needs they needed where to have arrowheads, warm clothing, animal skin, and crops. What excited them was when they moved because they would have nice fresh dirt and ground. They had successes on hunting. They worried that people would come into there land

  9. N-they need to kill nature because that is the way to get food

    E-they read stories to their kids

    S-they never run out of food

    W-they are scared there culture might go away

  10. N-the Ojibway were excellent fisherman and hunters they had (for food) rice, fish.The Odawa were known as traders because they traded with other people.The Potawatomi grew squash, corn, melon, beans, and tobacco.
    E-Bear, deer, moose, marriage.
    W-Snowstorms, black deaths, E.T.C
    S-After hinting in success.

  11. N-They need rice.
    E-They like canoeing.
    s-they stood up for freedom.they built the canoe succesfully
    w-they might run out of food.

  12. N: the native Americans needed food they ate which was corn beans squash berries nuts and rice
    E : they were exited when they told stories.
    S:the success was when they made wigwams
    w: They worried were when it was cold and it was winter.

  13. N-They needed food like squash, corn, melons, beans, fish etc.
    E-They were exited when the holidays came near.
    S-They were successful in farming, fishing, and hunting.
    W-They worried about surviving the wild, predators, and diseases.

  14. Need- I think they needed the environment to use all the animal bones for tools and they had to make quilt like blankets for their warmth and so they needed nature to make everything that they need.

    Excited- I think they were happy/proud to see the men catch the fish and get meat from the animals so that they can have new tools to make new things.

    Success- I think they succeeded there goal by making quilts/blankets for warmth. Also when the men go fishing they catch the fish and use parts of animals for tools.

    Worries- I think they worried that when it gets cold they might not have enough warmth and maybe if the animals try to get them. Also they might not have enough food for all of them to eat so they might have to starve.

    I learned that we are luckier than they were before and so we should all be very thankful of the lives we have now compared to the lives they had.

  15. N-The Native Americans needed food and water to live.They needed shelter like their wigwams and long houses.they needed clothes to stay warm.They had clothes such as moccasins which are shoes,deer-skin shirts,and feather hats.
    E-The children were probably excited to hear stories from their family members.They were probably also excited when they learned how to hunt and fish.
    S-Their successes were that they were good hunters,so they had lots of food.They were able to live in the wild without electricity or what we have today.
    W-Their worries are that their culture might die out.Also that there might not be much food during Winter since the animals hibernate and that the lake turn to ice,so there might not be much food.

  16. Needs- I think 1 of needs the Native Americans had is food and water. They would go to a river or stream to get water, and food they would kill animals and eat them. Another need I think they need is shelter. If they didn’t have shelter how would the Native Americans survived? They built places to stay, for example the Potawatomi lives in wigwams.The other need they have is clothing. You need clothing to go outside. You would be freezing outside in winter. So the women and girls make the clothes out of animal skin. That is what the needs for the Native Americans have. Exited- There are many things to be exited about for the Native Americans.I think what exited that they are alive,they pass down traditions,they know how to catch food, make clothes, make shelter too! The thing that I think most exited them was about everything they did. Success- The Three Fires had a lot of success. If they know how to stay alive that is total success! The men catch the food, the women make nets for the men to catch fish, they even make clothes, and shelter. If that is not success I don’t know what is.
    Worries- I know I said the Three Fires have success but they can’t always have success. Just like you studying for a math test and then found out you got a bad grade, but you have another math test and got an A+. Just like the Three Fires. They sometimes got the food and sometimes they miss. Since the men catch the food they might have worries if they don’t get the food their people might starve. The women might have some important jobs so if they fail the people might not be happy about it, so they might have worries about that.
    That is what I think the Three Fires’ had. Thank you for listening!

  17. N- Their needs were a breech coat in the summer, fur hats, leggings and shirts in the winter, women for tanning animals skins and men for hunting.

    E- What excited the Ojibway (Chipewa) was hunting and fishing. What excited the Obawa (Ottawa) was trading with people. What exited the Potawatami was farming squash, corn, beans, melon and tobacco.

    W- What worried them was that the white people were mean and couldn’t be trusted.

    S- Their stance was that nature belonged to everybody. A success was that they got along with and helped the white people (some).

  18. N-The three fires needed food, land, clothes, and shelter.
    E-Children are excited when their parents told them stories.
    S-The three fires stance was successes and nature.
    W-What worries them is that they might loss their culture.

  19. Some needs the Three Fire had were a great source of black berries, blue berries, fish and other animals to hunt.

    Some things that the Three fires were excited about were when they are kids they must have had fun going on hunting lessons.

    One success the Three Fires had was to survive when it’s winter time. Another one was when they go to hunt they usually caught the animal!

    Some worries for the Three Fires might have been in the 1700’s when the British and the French fought the British-American war. Michigan was ruled by France. The French didn’t take most of the Three Fires land unlike the British. But still the French were very cruel like the Spanish and British.
    The native Michaganders were voting for the French. They worried if the French lost then they would be under rules of the British.

    I hope you had fun reading this blog!

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